Thursday, May 24, 2007

IMAGING you could know if your new dating partner likes you or not BEFORE contacting him/her..?
So at the moment when you decide to send the first message - you already know one's attitude to you! is based on Flirts:
If you like a person you can send one a Flirt. This way you are saying that you like him/her.
If another person likes you - one sends a Flirt to you. is different from others:
it is designed in a way that encourages people to rank each other.

After the first 3 days every of our new users get from 10 to 50 flirts from others, depending on ones activity.

The more people you rank by saying "I like!" or "I dont like" - the higher you are in the rating - the more people rank you.

Some part of them sends you a Flirt by clicking "I like!" on your profile.
We do not show those who clicked "I dont like" due to ethical reasons.
A list of people who said "I like" to you can be found on My Flirts page.

Finally, you can start to send messages to people who like you in order to get in touch.

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More benefits:
- Dating by Specialities
- Live Chat
- Scammers Fliter
- Free Access!

We wish you good luck with your Live Date Search :-)

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